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Typically we hold around 10% of a safelist's total membership base. We've spent decades creating 20,000+ memberships with every safelist we could find and as new ones pop-up we create multiple memberships in those as well. All of the free and paid memberships were set up in compliance with each safelist's terms of use policy. Scroll down and see a PARTIAL list of only a few hundred safelists, viral mailers, and traffic exchanges we send to. There are quite a few "Greedy Gurus" there.


 Croc's Hideaway
 List Surfing
 Mystery Mails
 Ad Labs
 Effective Safelists
 Advertising For Today
 European Safelist
 Strategic Traffic
 Achieve Big Dreams
 List Jumper
 The Colossal Blasters
 Global Viral Safelist
 Money Maker Safelist
 Anytime Mailer
 KRA Promotions
 Stolly's Safelist
 Money Maker Safelist
 State Of The Art Mailer
 Ad Master
 Speedy Traffic Mailer
 Boundless Success
 Time Out News Safelist
 Chocolate Thunder
 Mountain High Mailer
 Money Maker Safelist
 Viral Taco Traffic
 Massive Traffic List
 Internet Biz Strategies
 List Me Harder
 Cherry Traffic
 Ad Solution Line
 Jones-Fritz Marketing
 Send To Mail Boxes
 Daily Credit Mailer
 Viral Nugget
 Promote Your Biz
 Red Snapper
 Viral Safelist Mailer
 Viral Mailer Haven
 Traffic Exchange Frenzy
 Mister Safelist
 Mail This List
 List Compass
 Wild Hog Mailer
 Traffic Secret
 Viral URL
 Bulldog Beach Bum
 Synchronize Ads
 Ant Mailer
 Advertisers Heaven
 Biz Ad Blast Pro Safelist
 Your Downline Mailer
 Power List Mailer
 Traffic Leads 2 Income
 Top Of The Class Mailer
 Super Safe Mailer
 Majestic List
 Viral Mail Profits
 Elite Traffic System
 Lady Godiva's Traffic
 World Safelist
 Blaster Safelist
 Safelist Jockey
 Elevated Power List
 Realm Of Gold
 My Instant List
 The Last Mailer
 Puffin Mailer
 American Hotrods
 Viral Safelist
 Smart Safelist
 Rodeo Mailer
 Real Time Ad Blast
 New Age Marketing
 Your Safelist
 Traffic Hog Success
 World Traffic Mailer
 Traffic Advantage
 Nitro List
 Tezzer Mail
 Guaranteed Mails
 Opportunity Ad Blast
 Effective Safelist
 Max Mailer Pro
 Extreme Safelist
 Mystery Mails
 Whitelist Email Mktg
 Banner Blizt Mailer
 Global Viral Mailer
 List Mailer Plus
 Ads Pirate
 List Outbreak
 Traffic Pro List
 SafeList Pro
 Viral Commissions
 Easy Internet Biz Safelist
 Traffic Pro
 Midnight Sun
 Dragons Safelist
 Advertising For Today
 Archimedes' Hits
 Instant Viral Mailer
 Traffic Leads 2 Income
 eTraffic Freedom
 Dusty's Magical
 Free Safelist Mailer
 Pink Salmon
 Elite Safelist
 Email Hog
 List Return
 List Unlocked
 Modified 17
 Trend Mails
 List Building Maximizer
 Classic Solo Mailer
 Golden Op Safelist
 Expose Your Ads
 Red Stag Mailer
 Referral Frenzy
 List Joe
 The Cyber Builder
 My Free Safelist
 Ultimate Safelist
 Carly's House
 Cams Girl
 Heavens Helper
 List Avail
 JV Ads Mailer
 Convert My Ads
 Genie Mailer
 Blue Fin Tuna
 Big Earnings
 World Traffic Mailer
 Bear Hollow
 Cash4U Safelist
 Your Ez List
 Responsive Mail Mktg
 High IQ Mailer
 Escape 9 to 5
 Crazy Profit
 Platinum Safelists
 Target Safelist
 Active Safelist
 The Best Mailer Period
 Can You Hear Me Now
 Mail Our List
 Viral Mail Profits
 Prodigious List
 Rush Hour Traffic
 eMarket Safelist
 Tutorials Safelist

 Power Market Network
 Ad Labyrinth Mailer
 List Bonus
 Atlas Safelist
 Quality Safelist
 Mailer Safelist
 Free Ad Swap
 Richy Rich Mailer
 Ad Troopers
 AE Mailer
 Safelist Extreme
 Traffic Profits Safelist
 Jackpot Mailer
 Safelist XL
 Extreme Safelist
 Easy Peasy Mailer
 Love My Promos
 Target Safelist
 Fast List Mailer
 Marketer Safelist
 Supreme Safelist
 List Impact
 The Poppin Blaster
 Super Max Ads
 Your Ads Read
 Commando Mailer
 Treasure Marketing
 Viral Ad Store
 Mailer Cash-In
 List Nerds
 Global Matrix Mailer
 Dream On
 Lucky Luxs
 The Lead Magnet
 My Traffic Planet
 Big Sexy
 Love My Adz
 Boppers Safelist
 Big Mailer
 Safelist King
 Ad Solution Line
 Grapevine Mailer
 Classic Solo Mailer
 Guaranteed Solo Mails
 Interactive Safelist
 Commando Mailer
 Pro Active Mailer
 Viral Nugget
 List Bonus
 Mad Dog Mailz
 Profits Lion
 Good News List PRO
 Your Huge List
 Results Mailer
 Ad Tactics
 CEO Marketing Path
 List Moola
 Mailing At Home Safelist
 Advertising For Success
 Northern Mailer
 List Shock
 Ben's Safelist
 Mail Bag Safelist
 Sky Safelist
 Web Trade Center
 Partners In Success
 LMPro Mailer
 Help U Blast
 Conversion Mail
 Safelist Solos
 Webmail Ad
 Express Safelist
 List Volta
 Guaranteed Results
 Dynamite Safelist
 My Ad-Ventures
 Advertising Emails
 Solo Effects
 JPI Dream Safelist
 Simple Safelist
 Mail This List
 Results Mailer
 Atlas Safelist
 Ultimate Ad Views
 Downline Maxx
 Speedway Safelist
 Cheryl's Redhot Mailer
 Avalanche Safelist
 Bus. Support Network
 Safe Cracker Safelist
 Dragon Safelist
 Viral List Builder Plus
 Fast Cash Mailer
 Special Delivery Mailer
 Web Mail Ad
 My Safelist Mailer
 Freedom Mails
 Love My Ads
 Instant List Empire
 Got Safelist
 Safe List Plus
 Traffic Classic
 #1 Gold Mine
 Safelist Pro
 Multi Ad Mailer
 Boxes Of Traffic
 List Compass
 Critical Mass Mailer
 Net Profit Gold
 Twe Safelist
 Reactive Adz
 Harmony Mails
 List Adventure
 List Punk
 High Flyers
 Project Free Mailer
 Key2Net Safelist
 Speedy Solos
 Signups 4 Your Biz
 Banner Blitz Mailer
 Pro Active Surf
 Leads N Profits
 High IQ Mailer
 Global Safelist
 Ads Express
 Massive Power Mailer
 Viral Network Mailer
 News Clicking List
 Business World List
 Equis Safelist
 List Builder Mayhem
 Mega Traffic List
 Free Advertising For You
 Ult. Advert. Machine
 Ships Wheel
 Land Marketing Mailer
 Explosive Safelist
 Free Safelist King
 Blue Yonder Safelist
 Free Bee Safelist
 Pangea #2
 Lucky 7 Mailer
 Linda's Free Mailer Plus
 Boxes Of Traffic Mailer
 Safelist Blazer
 Stay At Home Mailer
 Cash Cash Bistro!
 Mega Mail Boost
 Incredible Results
 Global Business Mailer
 Bushido Safelist
 Viral Links Pro
 List Outbreak

And 100's & 100's & 100's & 100's More!